No Holds Barred MMA Simulator
No Holds Barred MMA simulator is text-based Flash game for Windows
(created by Marco Evangelista).
All you need to do is pick two fighters (or more in tournament mode) and read play-by-play. You can simulate matches under PRIDE, UFC, K-1, ADCC and IVC (vale tudo) rules. Currently there are over 800 fighters in the database. You can edit them, as well as create new ones.

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This game is the intellectual property of it's author and therefore it fulls under copyright laws and any attempt to edit or try to pass off this game as your own is against copyright laws.

- To install this Game, Unzip it to a folder of your preference.
- This game has only been tested in Windows XP OS so far.
- The Career Mode is still in the Makings.
- Always Start the game with the play.exe file. Don't open the .swf files on their own, they won't work properly.
- Don't mess with the .txt files. If you do, save a backup first.
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